Friday, January 5, 2007

US Youth Soccer names Coach of the Year Candidates – Boys

Today US Youth Soccer announced the four regional winners of the US Youth Soccer adidas Coach of the Year – Boys. Each of these coaches have committed to continued education and self-sacrifice to give back to the sport they love with the hope that they might enhance one of their players abilities and quality of life. US Youth Soccer and adidas are proud to highlight these US Youth Soccer adidas Regional Coaches of the Year for their time and efforts in contributing to America’s youth through the great game of soccer. By promoting teamwork, discipline, fitness and fair play these coaches are making a difference.

Regional winners of the 2006 US Youth Soccer adidas Boys’ Coaches of the Year are:
Region / Coach / Hometown / State Association
Region I / Warren Searles / Pittstown / New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association
Region II / Chad O’Donnell / Sioux Falls / South Dakota State Youth Soccer Association
Region III / Derek Goodwin / Alexandria / Louisiana Soccer Association
Region IV / Terry Gentry / Portland / Oregon Youth Soccer Association

A little more on these winners:

Warren Searles believes that the game is the best teacher, and that is how he organizes practices with the North Hunterdon Soccer Club. In addition to regular practices, Searles has designated Fridays as ‘pick up day’ at the club, without any coaching. When it comes to sportsmanship, Searles practices what he preaches. Known as a true sportsman and gentleman, he teaches the enjoyment of the game. To stay sharp, he continues to play in the local men’s soccer league and takes at least one formal coaching course annually. Searles also actively seeks input for training sessions and games and consults other coaches on how to improve player development. He is a tireless volunteer, who is a role model not only for children, but also adults.

Chad O’Donnell hopes that the players in the Dakota Gold Soccer Club take all that he teaches and puts it to work in their lives, on and off the field. He is one of many volunteer coaches who said yes when asked if he would give coaching a try and has never looked back. He took the initiative to study and learn all that he could to help his players. The time spent at practice is valuable to the players. O’Donnell’s main goal is to teach the game of soccer to as many kids as possible and to create a love for the game that sticks with them. In 1999, his team became the first South Dakota team to win a US Youth Soccer Region II Championship. O’Donnell knows his players well. He is encouraging, but if they don’t play up to their full ability, he knows how to light the fire.

Derek Goodwin started in soccer as a player. He played professional and semi-professional soccer in England and Singapore. When Alexandria, Louisiana, needed an improved soccer program, he started the Crossroads Soccer Association. Today, the Crossroads Soccer Association continues to flourish. Goodwin also worked in Virginia at Soccer Academy Inc. with a former teammate from the Royal Navy. Goodwin served as Director of Coaching for five years and recruited many great coaches to the program. He is currently the head coach of the men’s and women’s programs at Louisiana College.

Terry Gentry teaches young recreational players in the Mount Tabour Soccer Club technical skills, socially acceptable conduct and team spirit while keeping soccer fun. Being around Gentry makes you want to be a better person. He is extremely encouraging and motivates everyone. He encourages good sportsmanship and is a great role model who is always in control. His positive attitude is an asset to the team; he talks to the boys respectfully and accentuates their positive accomplishments. Gentry embraces the spirit of recreational sports and is more than fair to players of all skill levels.

On Friday, March 2, the national Coach of the Year – Boys will be awarded in conjunction with the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala during the US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop and Coaches Convention.


Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see Coach Godwin getting the region 3 coach of the year award. He is a great coach and truely committed to the game at all levels. He has volunteered so much of his time to the game and has helped me as a player.
After having triple heart by-pass surgery last January and have several complications afterwards which he nearly died from who would have believed he would take over as Coach at a very desperate Louisiana College program and become my collegiate coach as well as coaching me when I was only 10.
He is just a great man.

Anonymous said...

I was also coached by Coach Derek as a Player and later as a coaching mentor. He truely has a dedication that is 2nd to none when it comes to the game. I am now coaching in College and was delighted to read that He had been selected as Coach of the Year. I was also surprised to hear that such an active man had a triple heart by-pass but it came as no surprise that He went straight back into coaching and at the Collegiate level.
I recently spoke with his son, Mark Godwin who has been a good friend for many years and He informed me that He was still volunteering time to Coach at His Club as well as working with ODP.
He truely is a coaching legend and will always be my Mr. Clean. If anyone deserves to get National Coach of the Year it should be Derek.